Ionic Push Notifications with NodeJS/Parse

This example is an extension of the previous post on push notifications. We are going send a push notification through a NodeJS/Parse server by invoking an http request in our ionic app. In order to send a push notification we need to

Ionic Crashlytics Android Integration

In this example we are going to show how to integrate Crashlytics in the android version of our ionic application. This example assumes 1. You are using either WebStorm or Intellij as your IDE (we will use Intellij in this example) 2. You have an ionic project setup. 3. Your ionic project is registered with…

Ionic Cordova Splashscreen

Adding a splashscreen to an application is something that all serious mobile applications need to do before going live. Branding aside, a splashscreen allows your application to load and perform any background tasks necessary before the app can be used. As always, the Ionic framework makes