Hosting An Ionic App Online

Deploying your ionic app to either heroku or aws is a breeze and takes just a few steps. 1. Install express 2. Create an app.js 3. Update your npm start script. Let’s get started 1. Install Express You can install

Ionic Push Notifications with NodeJS/Parse

This example is an extension of the previous post on push notifications. We are going send a push notification through a NodeJS/Parse server by invoking an http request in our ionic app. In order to send a push notification we need to

Ionic Crashlytics Android Integration

In this example we are going to show how to integrate Crashlytics in the android version of our ionic application. This example assumes 1. You are using either WebStorm or Intellij as your IDE (we will use Intellij in this example) 2. You have an ionic project setup. 3. Your ionic project is registered with…

Ionic Push Notifications

There are many platforms that let you use push notifications, PushWoosh works very well as does Parse. Ionic has also entered the market making push notifications a breeze. After setting up push notifications for your respective platform ios or android, we can begin configuring our application to receive push notifications. The first thing we

Ionic Vertical Slidebox

Ionic’s latest and greatest version of Ionic (version 1.2) is paving the way for Ionic 2. Ionic 2 will undoubtedly be the best cross-platform mobile development framework on the web. Having used Ionic since it’s initial beta, I am so impressed with how far the ionic team has take the ionic framework. One of Ionic’s…

Ionic Status Bar

Depending on the mobile app you are writing, the default status bar may not suit the needs of your application. If you are developing a game, you may want to hide the status bar completely, whereas if you have an app that uses darker colors, the default black status bar may not be the best…

Google Analytics with Ionic

Ionic offers a great plugin to gather analytics for your app, combining $ionicAnalytics with google analytics will really help you get deep insight about your app usage. Google analytics give you insights on where your users are located and how much tune they are spending on each page. Thankfully, there is a wonderful cordova plugin…

Crashlytics Ionic Error

Fabric makes adding Crashlytics a breeze to add to your ionic app. A common error that happens when adding Crashlytics to your ionic app on the ios side is Undefined symbols for architecture arm64: “std::get_terminate()”, referenced from: _CLSExceptionCheckHandlers in Crashlytics(CLSException.o) To fix this, we need to add the libc++.tbd framework.


Amongst other amazing features, the ionic framework provides a simple and lightweight service to capture analytics for your app. Analytics should be a the forefront of any app you are building because it allows you gain insight on how users interact with your application, the time they spend, and what features are popular. Getting started…

$ionicActionSheet Example

In this example, we’ll delve into the $ionicActionSheet widget by ionic. The purpose of this example is not to show how to use the $ionicActionSheet (you can see a well documented here), but how to make the actionsheet flexible for re-use across your app. Below you’ll see an an example of using an $ionicActionSheet. We…